Peterborough Public Health Rebrand

An Inclusive Identity

Through my associates at Laridae Communications I was entrusted with creating a fresh and inclusive new visual identity for Peterborough Public Health.¬†An extensive consultative process resulted in the decision to adopt this name in the place of the organization’s previous (longer and rather unwieldy) name. During the consultation, some concerns were expressed that this name may be perceived as too “city-centric”. It was imperative that the new visual identity embrace the history and culture of rural, First Nations, and New Canadian communities.

A spirited brand exploration session with key internal and external stakeholders, including First Nations representatives, provided fascinating insight into the issues and sensibilities surrounding public health issues in Peterborough and the wider community. The identity concept selected represents two human figures integrated within a symbolized landscape typical of the region. The design is inclusive, somewhat evocative of traditional native iconography (in a subtle nod to the area’s First Nations people) and represents the importance of the land and waterways in issues of public health. Finally, the logo was extended into a brand identity guidelines document.