Jewish Stereotypes Revealed

Fundraising campaign

Let’s Get Real.

Sometimes, the best way to change deeply entrenched beliefs is to provide a jolt of reality.

There is a common perception that the Jewish Community does not suffer the same rates of poverty, abuse and neglect as the larger population. In fact rates are identical, but hidden. Even fellow Jews are often unaware of this fact, and may  subscribe to the  stereotypical view that Jews are generally wealthy, well-connected, and unaffected by these social ills. JF&CS wanted a hard-hitting campaign to break through this perception.

Of several provocative creative concepts that I proposed, an outer envelope with the “teaser” tagline “Stereotypes Revealed” placed over a photo of a sumptuous detached home. This tagline was a toned-down version of the original, judged overly provocative. The challenge? Create the right emotional balance and tone. Inside the mailing a fold-out brochure presents several firmly held beliefs about the Jewish Community contrasted with the reality JF&CS confronts every day. The ‘Reality’ panels are illustrated by custom graphics.