Montréal Mission


Mélissa and me at the beautiful OBM Women’s Shelter Café

I recently had the opportunity to return to my home town to meet with the wonderful people at the Old Brewery Mission in Montreal as we continue our creative work together on an exiting project to launch next fall.

OBM Foundation Communications Manager Mélissa Bellerose was a charming host as she showed off OBM’s impressive facilities – merci Mélissa!

OBM is Quebec’s largest organization offering shelter and transitional services to homeless individuals. I was  impressed by the range of services, the clean and well-designed facilities, and the respect for the clientele evident in a myriad of details. I am so proud to be helping OBM achieve their audacious goal of ending homelessness in Montreal.

Spreading Our Wings

G-Strat_BlogNews_WelcomeLaridaeI am delighted to have begun a fruitful collaboration  with Jonathan Bennett of Laridae Communications.

Laridae Communications focuses on non profit and public sector organizations, and has proven success in managing and communicating change, crafting organizational stories that resonate, developing marketing and business strategies that work, and helping organizations create inspiring, transformational plans.

I am currently working closely with LC on a couple of exciting projects including an organizational rebrand for Peterborough Family Resource Centre.

I am looking forward to bringing Jonathan on board in future strategic planning and branding projects!

Welcome Maker Junior!


Welcome Maker Junior

Cute Robot!

Do you know about the Maker Movement? Representing an extension of DIY culture, Maker Culture  aims to harness creativity and inventiveness in an ever-expanding audience bored with being passive users of technology. Typical interests enjoyed by the maker culture include engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, and 3-d printing. As a life-long maker of things myself, I was thrilled to be asked to do branding and design for new initiative aimed at sparking geeky creative genius in kids, Maker Junior. In this Skype video meeting screen capture, Maker Junior’s founder Alison is showing me an example of a pilot Maker Junior project.

Welcome Maker Junior!

Welcome ONESTEP!



Welcome to ONESTEP!

ONESTEP has asked G Strategic to brand and design all conference materials for the Perspectives 2013 Conference to be held in March. I will also be speaking at the conference on “Making the (Business) Case for Branding”. Welcome ONESTEP!

Regent Park Film Festival Opening

Sherri and Ananya on Opening Night

Opening Night with Ananya Ohri, Executive Director

We made it! After over a year of hard work and dedication to transforming the Regent Park Film Festival into something bigger, better than it was (while remaining passionately true to its committment to local communities), Opening Night was at the Daniels spectrum was a resounding success. So cool to see everything come together… can’t wait to start working on next year’s festival ;-)

New Circles Website Redesign

New Circles Website Redesign

A New Circles Seniors' Mobile Mall quilt recipient

New Circles is a not-for-profit social service agency that strives to empower residents of Flemingdon Park, Thorncliffe Park, Victoria Village and beyond. The organization provides services and clothing to enhance their day-to-day lives of their clients and promotes equity and dignity for all. G Strategic is proud to help this hard-working community hub become even more effective by completely redesigning the New Circles Web Site.

A Rebrand for Health and Justice

CELA logo

G Strategic Rebranding CELA

G Strategic is excited to have been asked by the Canadian Environmental Law Association to rebrand their organization. CELA protects human health and our environment by seeking justice for those harmed by pollution or poor environmental decision-making and by working to change policies to prevent such problems in the first place. For 40 years CELA has used legal tools, undertaken groundbreaking research and conducted public interest advocacy to increase environmental protection and to safeguard communities.

Art Director at the Festival

Sherri is Art Director at RPFF

This just in from the Regent Park Film Festival: “We are very excited to announce the artistic brain behind our new look, our Art Director, Sherri Gallowitz. Our new look launches later in the summer but we couldn’t wait to introduce you to Sherri!

It was such a thrill for me to see this announcement in today’s Regent Park Film Festival e-newsletter. I’ve been hard at work with the RPFF creative team on the new festival branding, website and much, much more – I can’t wait until the launch!

See the full newsletter here


G is for… Green Brandstorm!

Sherri facilitates the Green Citizen Brand Exploration Session at Seneca College

The Office of Eco-Seneca initiatives (OESi) at Seneca College was developed to promote awareness and increase knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues throughout Seneca, and beyond. OESi’s most recent initiative is Seneca Green Citizen Campaign. As an important step in branding the campaign, G Strategic was thrilled to have the opportunity to consult directly with Green Citizen’s primary audience – the students.

Sherri designed and facilitated a series of “brandstorming” sessions to question student’s potential engagement prior to the full campaign launch in 2012/2013. Three classes of students from the Green Business Management and Marketing programs were asked: “What would it take to get ALL Seneca students excited about being Green Citizens?” Participants were invited to brainstorm ideas that would raise awareness, generate interest and enthusiasm among their fellow students for the campaign.

Direct consultation allows an organization to base communications strategy on solid ground, increasing the probability of successfully reaching strategic objectives. G Strategic believes strongly in the added value of brandsorming!

Green Citizen Brand Exploration SessionGreen Citizen Brand Exploration Session

Green Citizen Brand Exploration Session

A word cloud showing the most popular words from the brand exploration sessions.

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